As a professionally trained DJ, I have been spinning high-quality sounds for two decades.  Possessing the vision and insight in knowing when and what music to play keeps me relevant and on top. As a result of my formal education from “The Jackson State University”, I have a deeper appreciation for music.  My ability to mix melodies and blend beats is how, “I get the people going”!!  My music library represents the diverse music that inspires me; Pop, Rock, Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Country, Top 40 & Reggae.  I enjoy providing a fresh prospective to vintage music, giving people a new way to listen to favorites.  Mixing a little old with the new.  For booking information follow me on social media.  My info is located in my bio.  Let my turn-tables, provide the soundtrack to your next event. I can guarantee your event’s music will be memorable.MOBControl