Nene Leakes Denies that she and Gregg leakes are splitting up

Nene Leakes has put another rumor to bed. The Real Housewives of Atlanta Star took to IG to take care of a rumor that was starting to get out of control. apparently, people were insinuating that Nene and her longtime partner and husband Gregg Leakes were getting a divorce and calling it quits. Not on Nene’s watch, the star said that while they have endured their struggles they are still going strong. Heres what nene had to say on IG.

“Oh Lawd! They say we separated now @greggleakes #fakenewsthis link opens in a new tab I appreciate you tho Gregg for accepting and understanding that being a caretaker is something I’ve never done and I have truly done the best I know how all while making tons of mistakes along the way,” she wrote. “You never asked to get sick and We were both thrown into these new positions over nite but whew chile you have kicked cancers ass! I can’t wait for u to share with the world your exciting news in a couple of weeks.”