Listener Question of The Week!

This week I received an email from a listener thanking me for playing a few R&B tunes that took them back to their high school days…. But what stood out in the email was a question that was asked…She asked “ What are your top 10 Jodeci songs of all time and why.
Check out my top 10 Jodeci tracks below…Enjoy

10: Every Moment (2015 The past The Present The Future) – one of the newer Jodeci songs that have that 90’s feel to it.

9: Jodecidal HotLine (1993 diary of a mad band).- Maaaan…Look, one of the best interludes I have ever heard in my life

8: Freakin You (1995 the afterparty the hotel) – Freakin You is the one you can ride around the city with your windows

down while you and your ole lady are cursing…One thing about this song is that it gets straight to the point…I wanna freak you!

7: Come and Talk To Me ( 1991 Forever my lady)- Fellas if you need a go to track to ride when your date jumps in the car…this is it lol…. Trust me it works.

6: Stay –(1991 Forever My lady) Wont you just stay? Simple and effective lol.. But this track will def make you want you get your girl back. Don’t talk…Just listen…

5: I’m still waiting (1991 Forever My Lady )– Honestly, its one of my favorite songs to listen to daily.

Pay attention to the lyrics and visualize actually hearing this track in the 90’s. Another good song to ride and listen to.

4: U & I. (1991 Forever My Lady )– When I first heard this song back in 08, I was a freshman at Tougaloo and one of the workers in the building told me

“901, It’s a song Jodeci put out that wasn’t even a single and it’s the

hardest songs they’ve ever made…I said no way”.

You & I is def one of their best tracks ever. Period. Good looking out Cornelius

3: Feenin (1993 Diary of a Mad Band)– Ahhhh..The classic… This track still gets play every once in a while during my club deejaying

sets and STILL makes the crowd sing…Another good song to get down right nasty…True Story.


2: Forever My Lady (1991 Forever My Lady)- Its like a dreeaaaaaaaam lol…When you hear that first beat automatically start shaking your

head and say “man, this brings back memories”. Lyrically one of the best Jodeci songs ever and took the year of 1993 to a different level.

1: Love u 4 Life (1995 The Show The Afterparty The Hotel) Finally, my favorite Jodeci song of all time has to be Love u 4 Life…

This is actually going to be my wedding song “when it happens”.

But Love u 4 Life its kind of like a 5 min story of 2 lovers.

You cant help but to start singing and nodding your head.

I personally this this is one of Jodeci’s strongest tracks as well.

Oh yeah, I also got this record on vinyl for Christmas two years ago…Thanks C.Lynn

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