Throwback Thursday History Lesson: – Public Announcement, 702 & Danny Boy

It’s Thursday…and you know what that means…Time to get schooled. Every Thursday I give you a brief lesson on a classic group for the back in the day
 This week, I’ll give you three groups or artist that you have't heard in a while.
 First Up, Public Announcement:
Public announcement was a group hailing from the streets of Chicago. The group was originally R.Kelly, Earl Robinson, Andre Boykins, & Ricky Webster. in January 1992, they released  "Born into the 90's" This album was one of the last ones to be produced during the infamous New Jack Swing Era. The group had 5 songs that made the Billboard top 100 and 4 of those tracks made the U.S. R&B top 10…Crazy…Can you guess what those tracks are? She’s got that vibbbbbbbbee" Classic New Jack Swing anthem! Give me that honeeeey Looooovvveeee….Heeeeeeeeey Mr. "901" Djjjjjjjjjjjjj why dont you slow this party down…..So I’m dedicating this one to my baaabbbbyyy girrrrl…. Can’t forget about Hey Love…Those 5 tracks made public announcement an instant hit! Shortly after the release of their debut cd, the group parted ways and R.Kelly announced his solo career. Once the group fell apart, the music did too… Other singles included " Body Bumpin, man ain’t supposed to cry and my favorite, john doe.
People always say that the older groups should come back and do music…Well, true, BUT, when you come take a break from being on top for a while, you'll always be remembered as the group that dominated…When you come back 20+ years later, the game has changed….Honestly, You'll get dominated….It’s best to know when to hang it up. It’s rough switching group members every year….
Thanks for the classic Public Announcement.

Honey love

John Doe

She's Got That Vibe

All right, next up in your history lesson, Ladies…702
702, (yes that’s Las Vegas) area code was a popular female group from the 90’s era. LeMisha Grinstead , Irish Grinstead , Orish Grinstead, Kameelah Williams and Amelia Childs formed the group at the Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts. The group was started by 90's comedian Sinbad. Their first big break came when they were introduced to Michael Bivins of New Edition who agreed to work closely with the group..Now, lets get into the good stuff…. The group made a debut on "Subway's top single This Lil Game We Play" “ Where my Girls At” and a classic “Can we get it together”.   Their debut cd went #1 on the Top heatseakers chart! The group was on fire!  I remember watching the TV show cousin Skeeter and they were on the theme song….Crazy! The group even had a song featured on the movie Good Burger’s soundtrack. The group kept pushing, selling more than 500,000 cd's of their second album, the group didn’t slow down. From movie rolls to commercials, they were the IT group. Their last hit as a group came out in 2003 "I stil Love You" also earned them Soul Train 2008, Orish Grinstead died from a kidney failure at the age of 26. This group had a lot of success in a short time..Long live the female groups of the 90's!

This Lil Game We Play

Where my girls at?

Can We get it Together

Today’s final lesson come from the year of 1995…another Chicago Kid that rocked with Death Row Records…peep this..he was just 15 YEARS OLD! Danny made his debut in 94 on a track DJ Quik produced " Come When I call. In 95 he released " Slip N Slide" written by Devante Swing and (then) the unknown Ginuwine. You know that guy that’s singing the hell out of 2pac's" I ain’t Mad At Cha" and "Toss It Up? That’s him! Like many artist from the 90's, he recorded at least 5 albums but were never released by Death Row. Recently, he was an contestant on American Idol. Later, he was disqualified for "continued internet promotion" by her former label…. You can catch some of his tracks inside of my Whispers In The Dark program and during the holidays with the notable " This Christmas".​

That’s this week's history lesson..Check back next Thursday to get schooled!


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