Throwback Thursday History Lesson: Group Edition – Kut Klose

When you think of the top female groups from the 90's you would name groups such as

 TLC,SWV, Xscape, en vogue, destiny's child and others…Last week I had a lady to ask me who I thought was one of
the most slept on female groups of the. I named jade, Changing Faces, Mokenstef, & Kut Klose..
I first discovered this group my sophomore year at Tougaloo (2009);
when I heard them…I said wow…they were dope! Of course, I began to do my research…
Kut Klose was formed in Atlanta and quickly began to grab attention….
So much attention that the group's mentor was (my uncle) Keith Sweat! 
The singers, Lavonn Battle, Tabitha Duncan, and Athen Cage were quickly signed to Elektra records…
In 1995, their hit cd "Surrender" was released..Now that cd only peaked at number 12 on the U.S. R&B charts but had HITS! 
Surrender was one of that cd I would be playing in my car and a lady friends would instantly say "who is that and I need this cd now".  
Today, there are very few cd’s that that you can just listen to straight through. The first song on that cd was "lay my body down"
and maaaaaaan that track was SMOOTH! Keith did his thing on the production of this cd. 
The group was known for hits such as "Get up on it". "I Like" and Surrender…
Get up on it is always my favorite slow jam track to play
during a hype club set..Classic…Sadly, after Kut Klose proved that having 4 songs
in the top 60 billboard charts was great for R&B,Elektra didn’t release any more music from the group…
The group made a comeback in 2010 with a new song titled "Let it ring"….
Will we ever get real R&B back? I’m sure you all don’t want me to answer that but hopefully, one day..Check out my favorite 

​As a matter of fact, I can tell you my favorite tracks on the cd are Surrender, I Like, Don’t Change & Lay My Body Down…
Hey what can I say, I’m a smooth guy that like smooth music..
Listen the entire album online below..Thank me later….Enjoy

Kut Klse – Surrender 1995 (Full Album)